1996 Los Gatos Boys Volleyball Roster

This is the official Varsity roster. We split into two teams when playing schools with a JV team.

Paul Bauer10OH 
Peter Beritzhoff10OH 
Colin Black10MB 
Jared Bond11MB 
Keith Busam10OHJO All-American, Reebok Palisades 16
Vince Busam12OHGriffin 18
Beau D'Arcey9OH 
Brad Griffith11S/OHJO All-American, Griffin 18
Dave Landers10OH 
Andy Newman12MB 
Derrik Pang9OH 
Parnell Pang10S/OH 
Jamie Pellegrin11MB 
Chris Schlink11MBCity Beach 18
Grant Schlink9MBGriffin 16
Devin Sodt10S/DS 
Sky Swab10OH 
Russ Tanner12OHJO All-American, CBVA AAA
Tom Jack Coach 
Mark Tanner Asst. 

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