Paralympic Volleyball

Paralympic Games are Olympic type games for disabled athletes, held in the Olympic years.

Categories of disabilities are: Amputees, Blind, Cerebral Palsied, Deaf, Les Autres, Mentally Handicapped, Paralysed.

In the sport of volleyball, there are two competitions, standing and seated volleyball.

Standing volleyball is identical to the version played in the Olympic Games.

Seated volleyball differs in the placing of the net (which is lowered appropriately for amputees who play seated on the ground), and the court size is smaller. This makes the game considerably faster-paced than the standing event.

In the Barcelona 1992 Games, 12 teams took part in the sitting volleyball competitions with a total of 134 participants. Seven teams participated in the standing volleyball tournament.

Classification & Rules

Volleyball General Classification

Standing Volleyball Rules
Standing Volleyball Classification

Sitting Volleyball Rules
Sitting Volleyball Classification

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1996 Paralympic Games

The 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta will be held August 15-25, 1996.

The 1996 Paralympic Games will host:

Standing Volleyball - August 16-22 - Alexander Memorial Coliseum
Sitting Volleyball - August 16-24 - Clayton State College

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