Volleyball Skills

This page is a WORK IN PROGRESS... On this page I hope to cover some instructions on the skills of the game. This knowledge will be derived from my experiences coaching players, from attending Coaching Clinics given by leading coaches like Fred Sturm, Don Shaw and Ruben Nieves, and from reading numerous articles on the subject.

I hope that you find this information useful.

I strongly recommend learning from a coach/teacher who understands the underlying mechanics involved with the game. The best coaches have an eye for what you are doing right and wrong, and can lead you thru drills to help isolate and remove the bad movements.


Arm Toss: Ball held shoulder to waist height before toss. Wrist firm on toss. Toss ball 2-4'. Ball should land on spot just inside lead foot and in line with hitting shoulder. Hand Up and Back: Elbow and are at shoulder height and above before toss and through entire serving motion. Shift: Shift weight to lead foot. Swing to Target: Hand follows ball to target. Hit ball with heel of hand (thud, not palmy slap). Contact with ball is brief.

Forearm Passing

Platform: Hand Grip - arms even Arms straight at 45 degrees to ground (90 degrees to chest) When ball is on the way keep elbows locked and platform still. Sweet spot - 6" to higher on forearms (better to error high than low) Arms straight during follow through motion Shape: Rounded back (C shape) Rounded shoulders (shrug in) Hips back. Chest "out of view" Movement: Foot placement= right foot forward at the start and finish Lateral= wide base shuffle steps. Ankles Forward= Left-right Backward= Right-left Platform Behind the Ball: One motion Speed of incoming ball - adjust arm swing Front pass= waist high and below Side pass= above the waist




Defense - Back Row